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FinTech Marketing Agency of the Year 2020: How We Help FinTech Brands Grow

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We were really proud to receive the award for Best FinTech Marketing Agency for 2020 in Wealth & Finance magazine’s annual FinTech awards. But as we say at Inbound FinTech, our success is our clients’ success. As we’re in the business of helping companies in the FinTech and Financial Services industry to drive leads, revenue and growth, the recognition we receive directly correlates with the success we deliver for our clients.

So, what are the key ingredients for a top FinTech marketing agency? We wanted to share some of the secrets of our success and tell you how we help clients to grow and meet their customer needs and overcome key challenges during an unprecedented time.

Growing a marketing agency during a pandemic

2020 has been really tough on businesses across industries, all around the world. Organisations are having to make difficult decisions and seriously look at the way they operate. Being a hybrid agency, with a strong remote working culture has helped us quickly adapt to the global crisis and continue to grow, and support our clients in this challenging period.

Our team structure, collaborative approach and agile processes allow us to operate with flexibility and meet different demands. We continue to provide clients with the services we did before the pandemic (plus a few new services), but we’re also able to advise them and help them combat the challenges emerging from the impact of the coronavirus.

Wealth & Finance Magazine’s Top FinTech Marketing Agency for 2020

The team was delighted to be named Best FinTech Marketing Agency in Wealth & Finance magazine’s annual FinTech Awards, for the second year in a row! It’s great recognition for Inbound FinTech and supports our goal of becoming the leading growth agency for FinTech and Financial Services.

Wealth & Finance magazine wrote an article about our agency for a special FinTech Awards edition. You can read the article here: Best FinTech Marketing Agency 2020 - Inbound FinTech.

Best FinTech Marketing Agency - 2020 FinTech Awards |  Inbound FinTech 

How we became a top FinTech marketing agency - 7 secrets to marketing success

We thought we’d let you in on a few secrets about how we became a leading FinTech marketing agency and how we help FinTech brands to grow their business. Here are our 7 secrets to marketing success in the FinTech space.

1. Combining deep sector knowledge with marketing expertise

We put much of our success down to a unique combination of digital marketing experience and specialist knowledge of the needs and challenges of Financial Services businesses. This deep sector knowledge enables us to help clients identify key opportunities and react to new trends and changing consumer behaviours. Combined with our experience in using effective digital tools and techniques to reach and engage the right audience, it’s a powerful formula. 

We have strong roots in digital and financial ecosystems and our senior leaders have a background in launching and promoting apps, which has given us a blueprint for successfully growing FinTech brands. During the pandemic, digital solutions are proving more vital than ever and we’re enabling our clients to meet the new demands of today’s consumers and businesses.

2. Modernising outdated tech stacks and processes

We receive a lot of requests in the area of digital transformation and change management. Overhauling legacy tech stacks and processes is a common issue in the Financial Services industry. We provide strategic support and help clients to modernise their infrastructure and assemble a tech stack that can empower their future growth.

We’ve delivered numerous CMS and CRM migrations and website integration projects in the past couple of years, to streamline our clients’ operations and enhance their digital capabilities. Despite the financial constraints during the pandemic, we expect the demand for these kinds of projects to continue, as it’s such an essential area of focus for businesses.

3. Focusing on persona pain points throughout the buyer’s journey

There is a large number of financial products in the market and companies need to find compelling ways to stand out and convince potential customers of the value of their offering. As Clayton Christensen’s Jobs to Be Done business theory goes, when people buy your product, they're hiring it to perform a job.

Our role as a FinTech marketing agency and growth agency for FSI businesses is to understand our clients’ buyer personas, their challenges and pain points, and the jobs they need to complete. This intel, combined with the data we collect and analyse ongoing, provides the foundations of our strategies and campaigns.

4. Showcasing clients’ knowledge, expertise and authority

Inbound FinTech takes a data-driven and user-centric approach, whilst leveraging key digital tools, to showcase our clients’ products, services and expertise. We use the inbound methodology and our campaigns are laser-focused on clients’ unique customer needs. We help them to create compelling content and provide relevant solutions to the right people at the right times, throughout the buyer’s journey and at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Consumer trust is so important in Financial Services and, as a FinTech marketing agency, we seek to establish brands as thought leaders and an authoritative source of information in their particular niche.

5. Aligning Sales and Marketing teams

In today’s digital landscape, implementing automation and aligning Sales and Marketing teams is crucial. To establish a healthy pipeline of leads and a streamlined funnel for nurturing and converting leads, automation plays a key role. From workflows to sequences, notifications and lead scoring/qualification, there’s a lot of heavy-lifting that can be done by your CRM. This also includes Service tools, like chatbots.

We use Sales Enablement to put the right processes and tools in place to ensure Sales and Marketing teams are on the same page, can see the entire journey of leads and customers, and deliver the right communications at the right times. In fact, we’ve won awards for our Sales Enablement strategies. Take a look at our B2B Sales Enablement Case Study to learn more.

B2B Sales Enablement Case Study cover - Inbound FinTech

6. No more set it and forget it - we’re always optimising

As you can see, we’re more than just a FinTech marketing agency. We also offer website development and growth-driven design (GDD) services. Our fully-certified and experienced team of CMS experts and web developers deliver CMS builds and website redesigns with modern UX, UI and navigational structure to maximise performance. 

The GDD approach is all about building high-performing websites that are agile, user-focused and primed for ongoing optimisation and continuous improvement. Digital trends change so quickly these days, as does buyer demand and behaviour. We ensure our clients’ websites are monitored and optimised regularly to ensure they drive excellent results. 

7. Building the right culture

Agency culture and growth | Inbound FinTech - HubSpot Diamond Partner

We believe that our culture has helped the agency thrive in recent years. Creating the right work culture and building a team that shares the same ethos and works towards combined goals is vital. We’ve been able to scale at pace due to a progressive, flexible and collaborative approach, and our clients reap the benefits. 

As a hybrid agency that embraces remote working and innovative business tools, we’re constantly looking to improve the efficiency of our processes, whilst still ensuring that our clients get the best possible service from our team - and that our team has the right support, platforms and working environment.

How Inbound FinTech can help you

Whether you’re an emerging FinTech brand looking to increase your digital footprint or an established Financial Services company after a new source of leads, the Inbound FinTech team can provide the support and expertise you require. Learn more about Inbound FinTech and our services.

Got a business challenge to overcome? Need to get your marketing strategy back on track? Get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you. If your business has taken a hit as a result of the coronavirus, why not get a free Marketing Strategy Session with our senior management team? We can help you get back on track with actionable quick-win strategies. The time to act is now!

Get a Free Marketing Strategy Session

Inbound FinTech is an award-winning Financial Services and FinTech marketing agency and an Elite HubSpot Partner. But we’re more than just a marketing agency. We specialise in driving leads and growth for businesses through data-driven strategies. And we also design and build business high-performing websites and offer CMS and CRM migrations and integrations. Want to discuss a project? Speak to our experts today.

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Comprehensive digital services toolkit to drive business growth

Whether you’re after a one-off project or an ongoing support retainer, we have inbound marketing services and digital solutions to meet your needs. IFT’s team of specialists, across a wide range of disciplines, is ready to help your Financial Services business bloom.


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