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Case Studies in Which Fintech Leaders Used HubSpot to Increase Leads

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When it comes to growing your FinTech business, lead generation is absolutely crucial, because this is where sales originate from. HubSpot is a marketing platform that can help your company optimize its digital marketing efforts in order to increase leads.

HubSpot helps you generate and manage websites, landing pages, SEO campaigns, marketing automation campaigns, social media posts and more, all on a single, elegant platform. It also provides analytics insights, so you can get feedback on the performances of your campaigns.

Some FinTech companies have been successfully using HubSpot to help improve their lead generation and it has been making a tremendous difference. 

Here is a look into a number of case studies in which using HubSpot helped to generate large amounts of leads:

1. Intelliflo

Intelliflo is a software company that helps financial services businesses to increase managing efficiency. After they made the decision to partner with HubSpot and implement their software, the company was able to increase web traffic by 174% and increase leads by 165%, which is a very significant improvement.

2. F1F9

F1F9 is the largest financial model building and training firm on earth. This company decided to partner with HubSpot in 2013 after recognizing that it needed to find a great lead generation software to help increase demand. After researching several different inbound marketing software options, it decided to partner with HubSpot. F1F9 experienced a seven-fold increase in web traffic and began to generate 600 new leads each month after it made this critical decision.

3. Kantox

Kantox is a FinTech company that specializes in FX management solutions. Kantox made the decision to collaborate with HubSpot in 2013 as an effort to embrace inbound marketing and grow leads. Kantox now generates 50% of all of its leads from HubSpot. In addition to that, a 190% increase was noted in their website traffic.  Lead generation for FinTech

3. Analysing the results 

All three of these companies saw impressive results after partnering with HubSpot. Not only did their lead generation improve significantly, but so too did their site traffic. Improvements in both of these areas is key for increasing sales. This is because the more leads that are generated, and the more people there are coming to your website, the more sales that you are likely to experience.

These three companies are just a small example of the success that companies can have by using HubSpot for inbound marketing purposes.

Many other FinTech companies have also experienced success with HubSpot. Here is a brief list of financial services companies who report having experienced positive results from partnering with HubSpot:


  •  Anfix
  •  AES International
  •  Unum
  •  eyeOpen.nl
  •  Heron Global Partners
  •  Visible Equity
  •  CFO On Call
  •  Pearse Trust
  •  PennyMac
  •  PrimePayAmerifirst Home Mortgages
  •  Local Banking Consultant

So, essentially, a number of FinTech leaders used HubSpot to increase leads. The fact that so many FinTech leaders are using HubSpot for lead generation is indicative of the fact that the platform can actually be a major help in this capacity.

FinTech lead generation growth with HubSpot


If you are like most FinTech companies, then you are probably very interested in increasing the amount of leads that you get. Perhaps you are even debating the trial of a new strategy for increasing leads. If this is the case, then you should strongly consider partnering with HubSpot.

It will just simplify the entire process of inbound marketing and it will make it much easier to run campaigns, analyze their success and make changes wherever needed. In the modern economy, content is king. This is because it is content that enables your company to attract viewers and customers. HubSpot helps you get the most out of your content and manage this content in the best way possible.

The FinTech industry is very competitive. In fact, in Q1 in 2017 alone, over $2.7 billion in funding was given out across 226 deals for FinTech companies. This means that remaining competitive is of the highest importance for FinTech companies. Effective lead generation is crucial for remaining competitive and there are few better ways to optimize lead generation than by partnering with HubSpot.


Inbound FinTech is an award-winning digital growth agency and a Elite-Tiered HubSpot Partner. We help FinTech businesses to significantly improve their marketing performance with customer-centric strategies.

Our experienced inbound experts can transform your lead generation process, boost website traffic and help you to attract your ideal customers and generate quality leads through proven inbound marketing tactics and strategies.


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