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HubSpot Certifications Every Marketer, Salesperson or Service Team Should Complete

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With 20 certifications and almost 500 lessons, HubSpot offers hundreds of hours of online training. So, how do you choose which courses to complete? We've put together this short guide to help you select the right HubSpot certifications for you and your team from the HubSpot Academy.

The article was updated in July 2021.

Why should you complete a HubSpot certification?

For new HubSpot users, these training courses offer invaluable guidance for making the most of your HubSpot portal. Whether you’re using the Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS or Operations Hub, the courses and certifications are designed to give you the tools you need to get the most out of the platform. And they're 100% free to complete!

Even if you’re a seasoned HubSpot veteran, these courses are still worth your time. With constant software updates and an evolving inbound methodology, keeping your skills and knowledge up to date should be high on your to-do list. Plus, most HubSpot certifications expire after 2 years and need to be updated.

This guide is for those people who want to complete a HubSpot certification but aren't sure which one to start with. We'll help you with that.

What are the HubSpot certifications and who are they for?

There are lots of handy courses to help you enhance your knowledge of the HubSpot platform, its tools and key strategies, while HubSpot certifications combine various related courses and lessons from the HubSpot Academy and culminate in an exam. The result is a certification to represent an understanding of the topic, usually a key pillar of Marketing, Sales and Service theory.

We've listed the 20 HubSpot certifications available below and who they're for. The course names that are linked are the certifications we recommended you take as a priority. Click on a link to see our overview of the certification.

For everyone: 

For Marketers: 

For Sales:

For the Service Team:

The HubSpot certifications you should complete


Suitable for: Marketing, Sales and Service Teams

Everyone who plans to use HubSpot should take the quintessential Inbound course. Understanding the “why” of the inbound methodology (Simon Sinek would be proud) means that you’re ensuring a solid customer experience with each landing page created, sales sequence set up, service survey sent out, and everything in between. This HubSpot certification shows you the power of inbound for attracting, nurturing and converting leads and delighting customers.

Inbound Certification overview:

  • Lessons: 7
  • Course length: 2 hours
  • Quizzes: 4

Take the course!

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot Marketing Software

Suitable for: Marketing Team

If you're planning on doing any marketing through HubSpot, there is no question about completing this HubSpot certification. HubSpot's Marketing Hub, and its tools and features, go through constant updates and revisions, and knowing the ins and outs of each and how to use them effectively will really help you maximise the platform's potential.

HubSpot Marketing Software Certification overview:

  • Lessons: 16
  • Course length: 6 hours
  • Quizzes: 12
  • Practical exercises: 14

Take the course!

Inbound Methodology Flywheel

Content Marketing

Suitable for: Marketing Team

Knowing how to use content to convert, engage and delight leads and customers is going to help you stand out and make an impact in a digital world saturated with content. HubSpot's Content Marketing Course isn't just about how to write the perfect blog post (although there are some top tips), it actually enables you to create a step-by-step plan for building an effective content strategy that leverages your team's knowledge, assets and services to meet the needs of your buyer personas.

Content Marketing Certification overview:

  • Lessons: 14
  • Course length: 8 hours
  • Quizzes: 11

Take the course!

Content Marketing Course | HubSpot

Social Media Marketing

Suitable for: Marketing Team

Do you spend your day cycling between LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, and YouTube? You're not alone - your audience and customers are doing the same thing. However, you want to ensure you're creating and sharing useful content to the right channels for your audience, where they reside. This HubSpot certification takes you through the basics of social media marketing, teaching you how to use your chosen social platforms to engage, educate and convert your target audience.

Social Media Marketing Certification overview

  • Lessons: 9
  • Course length: 5 hours
  • Quizzes: 29

Take the certification!

Social Media ROI

Inbound Sales

Suitable for: Sales Team

This HubSpot certification takes an even deeper dive into the inbound methodology, applying it to the sales cycle. The course offer information about the HubSpot Flywheel and how to apply an inbound mindset to your sales approach. Close more deals and increase your revenue by understanding a more modern, personalised and contextual approach to sales.

Inbound Sales Certification overview

  • Lessons: 5
  • Course length: 3 hours
  • Quizzes: 5

Take the course!

Inbound Sales Model | HubSpot

HubSpot Sales Software

Suitable for: Sales Team

A great salesperson might not need a great CRM and sales toolset, but it certainly helps. The HubSpot Sales Hub offers world-class sales automation and deal management. And this HubSpot course will give you a keen understanding of how to add these sales tools to your arsenal to be more efficient, shorten the sales cycle and create more deals!

HubSpot Sales Software Certification overview

  • Lessons: 5
  • Course length: 3 hours
  • Quizzes: 5

Take the course!

HubSpot Chatflows


Service Hub Software

Suitable for: Service Team

Once the excitement of a marketing campaign has passed, and the dust of a successful sales deal has settled, it's often up to the Service Team to ensure that customers are having the best possible experience of your products and services. If you're using the HubSpot Service Hub to manage service tickets or run NPS and CES surveys, this HubSpot course will teach you the intricacies of the Service Hub, so you can focus less on internal process management and more on the happiness of the customer.

Service Hub Software Certification overview

  • Lessons: 6
  • Course length: 3 hours
  • Quizzes: 5

Take the course!

Service Hub Software | HubSpot

Learn, get certified and do more with HubSpot!

We hope this blog has been helpful in showing you the benefits of HubSpot courses and which are the most suitable for you or your team. The courses we've recommended are all classified as "certifications." Once you've completed all of the lessons within these HubSpot certifications, you can take an online exam, based on your learnings, and become HubSpot certified in that particular discipline or area of the platform.

As a HubSpot Elite Partner Agency, we know the importance of increasing your knowledge of the platform and the inbound methodology that powers the tools. There are so many great features and tactics to help businesses to boost their Sales, Marketing and Service performance, and the effectiveness of their website content. So, make the most of HubSpot's free courses

If you're a HubSpot user after advice on maximising your potential with the platform, or you're looking to move to HubSpot, drop us a line or book a meeting with the friendly Inbound FinTech team! We provide support, HubSpot onboarding services, training sessions and workshops. Get in touch! 

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